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Vintage Maps and Home Deco – The beauty lies in the contrast

Combining old and new or marrying vintage with modern has been a trend in home décor for quite sometime. This desire can be sparked by many things: the architecture (or lack thereof) in your home, a heirloom, or a thrift store crush.

So, whether you live in a fresh, pristine new build, or an old cottage, there are many ways of bringing this two worlds together. A rustic, weathered terracotta pot on a brand-new windowsill, or chic interiors featuring rough, worn paintwork, and my favourite, a gorgeous stylish frame of an Old Map.

Vintage Maps are a great way to add contrast between old and new to a home, either sitting in a modern piece of furniture or hanging in the wall. It is a piece of art filled with history and memories; they are perfect at bringing a touch of character, interest and charm into any place. Without a doubt, it will be the centrepiece of your home. Here are some ideas how you can style your home with a Vintage Map:

MEMORIES  - Framing a favourite place that takes you back to happy moments, and creates a warm feeling of nostalgia.

ANCESTORS - A great resource to learn about a place at a particular point in time, and connect you to your past.

HISTORY -Perfect for those who love history, and are fascinated by seeing the birth of the modern world through the eyes of historians and cartographers.

ADVENTURE & TRAVEL - Inspiration for explorers. It can give ideas between trips, or just can keep the dream of foreign lands alive.

100x55 cm
133x76 cm
55x31 cm



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