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22 Mar Woman in Cartography
Yilmaz Cristiane 0 6
Cartography, the art and science of making maps, has been around for centuries. Throughout history, cartography has been a male-dominated field, with few opportunities for women to make their mark. Al..
28 Feb Vintage Maps and Home Deco - The beauty lies in the contrast
Yilmaz Cristiane 0 46
Combining old and new or marrying vintage with modern has been a trend in home décor for quite sometime. This desire can be sparked by many things: the architecture (or lack thereof) in your home, a h..
07 Jul The life of John Tallis - Map Maker / Cartographer
0 420
John Tallis is considered to be one of the most renowned English cartographers and publisher of the 19th century, despite producing only one atlas.The Illustrated Atlas of the World was published for ..
29 Jun The shape of the world, according to ancient maps
0 292
This is how the world has been mapped throughout historyIman Ghosh - Author, Visual CapitalistImage: Visual CapitalistThe shape of the world, according to ancient maps A Babylonian clay tablet helped ..
16 Jun The Beauty of Old Maps
0 355
 I am in love with maps! It has the magic to  bring back the most fond memories. We can revisit places that we love, bringing back the smells, sounds and tastes we experienced. It brings families toge..
02 Aug Early Map History
Yilmaz Cristiane 1 4057
map (n.)“A drawing or other representation that is usually made on a flat surface and that shows the whole or a part of an area (as of the surface of the earth or some other planet or of the moon) and..
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