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This is a fine reproduction map of Edinburgh. It is depicted six years after the plans for its New Town were produced, and the plan shows the Bridge linking the Old Town on its linear ridge to the planned new town, which until the draining of the Nor Loch on the north side of the Old Town between 1759-63 had not allowed ready expansion across the narrow defile between the two. The map shows the beginnings of building in the New Town in the area of St. Andrews Square (those buildings built are shaded in a dark color), and in the extreme south of the plan we see the beginnings of building round George Square (again shaded a dark color), today housing a major part of the University of Edinburgh. A useful key to the Closes on both sides of the High Street is included. The provenance of this map is particularly interesting as it forms one of several which originally belonged to W C Mylne of the famous family of Edinburgh Master Masons.

YEAR: 1773
CARTOGRAPHER: Willian Faden & Thomas Jefferys


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