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This a fine reproduction map of  Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The Map covers from Bolivia to Patagonia and from the Pacific to the Atlantic and also identifies various cities, towns, forts, rivers, rapids, mountain passes, fords, and an assortment of additional topographical details..
A fine reproduction of a detailed map of Boston and vicinity, extending to the Mystic River, Chelsea Creek, Sommerville, Cambridge, Roxbury and South Boston. It shows streets, roads, railroads, bridges, buildings, rivers and lakes, and various points of interest, wharfs, etc.CARTOGRAPHER: J.H. Colto..
A fine reproduction map of SOUTH AMERICA. This map covers the entire continent from the Caribbean to Tierra del Fuego and from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Includes the Galapagos, Juan Fernandez, Falkland, and South Georgia island groups. Shows Bolivia with an outlet to the Sea and Patagonia as sepa..
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