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OCTOPUS (Gamochonia) circa 1899

OCTOPUS (Gamochonia) circa 1899
OCTOPUS (Gamochonia) circa 1899

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A fine reproduction of a vintage Illustration of Octopus, Gamochonia.

Lithographer, Adolf Giltsch. Biologist, Ernst Haeckel.

The illustration shows five figures of cephalopods.
Figure 1 Chiroteuthis veranyi. Figure 2 Histioteuthis ruppelii. Figure 3 Pinnoctopus cordiformis. Figure 4 Octopus vulgaris. Figure 5 Octopus granulatus.

Originally from the book Kunstformen der natur by Ernst Haeckel (Leipzig, Wien, Bibliographische Institut, 1899-1904).

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