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A fine reproduction of the World Map.A new map of the World with all the new discoveries. By Capt. Cook and other navigators ornamented with the Solar System. The Eclipses of the Sun, Moon & Planets &c. By T.Kitchin.YEAR: 1799CARTOGRAPHER: THOMAS KITCHIN..
A fine reproduction of the World on Mercator’s Projection. Revised and Improved to 1817 by John Melish. Published by John Melish & Samil.Harrison. Includes text “To find the distance of one place from another” and statistical table.YEAR: 1817CARTOGRAPHER: John Melish..
A fine reproduction of Colton’s Illustrated & Embellished steel plate Map of The World Mercator’s Projection.Compiled from the latest & most authentic sources. Exhibiting the recent Arctic and Antarctic Discoveries & Explorations. Compiled, Drawn & Engraved by D.G.Johnson. Published by J.H.Colton & ..
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